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Life's little laughs!

The webcam is WHAT?!?
I think it is the curse of most artists (visual or otherwise) to be taken "seriously." We want people to recognize our Art (note the capital "A") as something worthwhile, wrung from our souls, and worthy of admiration (or simply attention). It is like all those photos guys (and to a lesser extent, girls) put up on dating-hookup sites, where we strive to look attractive (and subsequently lock our real attractiveness behind a mask of what we think is attractive to others).

When Chris and I started Lineage, we wanted it to be this world changing, LGBT comic with important messages, deep plots, and multifaceted characters! We had things to say, and we were going to say them! This resulted in our first attempt being very rigid, focused, and frankly... a bit dull. When we broke free of the original structure of the story, Chris began to add in little touches of playfulness and experimentation in the ways he assembled the pages, dramatically improving our story telling.

As Chris began to loosen up his illustrations, I found I wanted to loosen up the tight-script. I felt that there was so much more to the story than "the message", and if we were redoing the art we might as well redo the script in the bargain. We began to add more humor, spent more time exploring the quirks of the characters and their situations, and the graphic novel exploded with uniqueness and attitude that was a curious blend of Chris' and my personalities. So, suffice to say, we now smile a lot more when we work on the comic... not that it isn't hard work, tedious work, and exhausting work... but there is nothing better than looking at your art in mid-creating and having it make you smile.

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New page posted!

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Lineage Page 17

New page up!

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